About Us


YWL! envisions a future where skilled workers thrive in Europe, seamlessly integrating into vibrant communities, while local companies flourish by accessing the talent essential for sustained growth.

Ethics: Integrity in all actions.
Transparency: Openness and honesty.
Development: Continuous growth.
Diversity & Inclusion:Welcoming diverse perspectives from global talent.

Empowering individuals to transform their lives by pursuing their passions, while simultaneously addressing the shortage of specialized labor within Europe.

You Work Life
– the result of a cross-border friendship and vision. Despite the distance, and connected by the Atlantic Ocean, Georg and Eduardo shared a common idea and passion that led to the founding of YWL! Our goal is to tackle the challenge of labor shortages in Europe and open the door to a new chapter in life for international professionals. We aim to being more than just a recruitment platform.

 YWL! serves as a cultural bridge between nations, strengthening and expanding connections on a global scale.

Meet the Team

Eduardo Vidolin

Eduardo Vidolin is a true Brazilian. Service-oriented, conscientious, and always equipped with a good mood. Leading our international talent initiatives, he fosters partnerships with tourism and language institutions worldwide.

Georg Klausner

Georg grew up in Mayrhofen, Tyrol. He took his first steps in the tourism industry before further developing his expertise in marketing and digitalization. With experience spanning 10 service sectors,  his passion lies in bridging his homeland with skilled and motivated workers.

Simon Absmann

Simon, a native of Salzburg, holds a degree in industrial engineering. He brings a diverse skill set to his role as a recruiter at YWL. Simon is instrumental in forging new partnerships and cultivating sustainable, successful partnerships.

Clarice Glahn

Clarice comes from São Paulo Brazil and has lived in Germany, Spain and Portugal. She strengthens the team with administrative and marketing activities. 

Larissa Wolf

Larissa is studying Public Relations and her goal at YWL! is to help people turn their dream of a professional career in Europe a reality while contributing to a more diverse society. She is the first point of contact for our candidates.

Lucas Amesberger

Lucas is a well-connected hospitality expert and supports our sales team with his vast network.

Gabriel Klemz Klock

Gabriel is a lawyer with more than 10 years of experience specializing in immigration law. His passion is to positively change the lives of people and companies in Europe. 

Ericka Mileski

Ericka was born in Brazil and is dedicated to preparing the essential documents for visa and residency procedures. She plays a fundamental role in facilitating the legal process for individuals wishing to settle in Europe. 

Beatriz Missau

With a keen eye for potential and a passion for connecting skilled professionals with their ideal roles, Beatriz plays a crucial role in our mission to foster a diverse and talented workforce. 


Wincat is our adorable IT manager and expert in cuddly moments. She takes care of our database, programming and the well-being of our employees with Purrktion.