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Die Presse | From the Amazon to the Tyrolean Alps: How We Fill the Labor Gap

A small Tyrolean staffing agency is tapping into the vast Brazilian workforce pool to address the labor shortage in tourism. As Austria faces a growing demand for skilled workers in various sectors, including tourism, agencies like You Work Life! are bridging the gap by connecting qualified Brazilians with job opportunities in Austria. 

Weltspiegel | Alps Instead of Copacabana: Brazilians Save Winter Tourism in Austria

Austria's ski industry thrives thanks to countless behind-the-scenes workers. Despite available asylum seekers and migrants, the country faces a severe labor shortage. Innkeepers warn of a crisis, especially in gastronomy and hotels during peak ski season. To tackle this, You Work Life, a private agency, is recruiting Brazilians to fill the gaps in winter tourism.

DER ORF | Lack of Skilled Workers: Can Immigration Solve the Problem?

Austria's economy is suffering from a severe shortage of skilled workers. The list of professions in demand grows longer every day. Austria is now making a belated attempt to recruit workers from countries outside the EU - from the Balkans to Brazil. Access to the labor market through the so-called Red-White-Red Card has been simplified. 

profil.at | How Brazilians Are Expected to Alleviate the Labor Shortage in Winter Tourism

With the winter hospitality industry in the Austrian Alps facing a critical shortage of skilled workers, more South Americans are being drawn to the region as a solution. Brazil, in particular, has emerged as a promising source of talent to fill these vacancies. This influx not only addresses immediate staffing needs but also enriches cultural diversity.

ChefHeads-Magazin | Startup Infuses Brazilian Culture into Austrian Gastronomy

Taking advantage of the crisis, Tyrolean entrepreneur Georg Klausner, along with his business partner Eduardo Vidolin, founded the company You Work Life. Together, they bolster the domestic gastronomy sector with qualified Brazilian workers. Starting in 2024, they're expanding their operations to Germany.

Austria Connect Brasil 2023 | The Past and Future of Marketing

Austria Connect Brasil 2023, the largest Austrian event in South America, took place in São Paulo, and Eduardo Vidolin, CEO & Co-Founder of You Work Life!, was there to attend the celebration and take part in the panel discussion "The Past and Future of Marketing " to participate.

Advantage Austria | Latin America Day 2023

Co-founder Georg Klausner had the privilege of speaking on a panel at Latin America Day 2023 in Vienna alongside other experts from the fields of recruiting and migration. He shared insights into effective migration strategies and the long-term impact of skilled workers in Austria, highlighting topics such as resettlement, integration and creating a diverse society.

Hackathon Samba Meets Waltz

Eduardo Vidolin's approach to work culture in Austria offered a fascinating perspective on how this European country views the professional world. In this broadcast carried out in partnership with ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Brasil, he highlighted the emphasis on efficiency, punctuality and organization, which are fundamental characteristics of the Austrian work culture. 

Gondola Slam 2022 | How to Attract Talent and Build Your Brand?

The founders of You Work Life, Eduardo and Georg, delve into strategies for employee loyalty and brand strengthening together with Katharina Pirktl, hotel director at the Alpenresort Schwarz, and Elisabeth Hauser, hotel director at Stanglwirt. 

ERREI SEGUI Podcast | George Klausner

Georg Klausner, a young entrepreneur and co-founder of You Work Life, is a passionate lover of Brazil who lived there for two years. Now he is bringing Brazil and Austria closer together through job opportunities in the catering sector. Would you like to know more about this opportunity? Then join this conversation on ERREI SEGUI.

ERREI SEGUI Podcast | Eduardo Vidolin

Eduardo Vidolin, a young entrepreneur and co-founder of You Work Life, along with his friend and partner Georg Klausner, is now bridging Brazil and Austria through job opportunities in the hospitality sector. Join us in this conversation on ERREI SEGUI, where you will get all the information you need to work in Austria and discover a new country.


In this podcast episode, discover the inspiring story of Georg Klausner, a remarkable problem solver who always goes the extra step. From Tyrol to Brazil and back: Find out how he connects Austrian companies with Brazilian and Portuguese specialists and lives his motto "Business with heart".

Der Gast aus 307 Podcast

Georg Klausner and his team set out on a mission to combat the labor shortage in the domestic tourism industry. The solution: young, motivated specialists from Brazil who are taking their next career step in the local catering industry. With the Red-White-Red Card, employees stay for at least 2 years and the hotel industry can achieve long-term employee loyalty.