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We constantly build partnerships and create resources to help you in your career journey. From language learning platforms to legal assistance, explore our collaborations for tailored support.

Housing & Accomodation

Your reliable partner for high-quality and affordable accommodation. The company specializes in arranging professional rooms and apartments tailored to the needs of workers. 

KURZZEiTmiete is your trusted partner for high-quality and affordable short-term rentals in Austria. They speciale in arranging professional accommodations that meet your needs.

Rioca, a Brazilian oasis in Vienna, is our partner for accommodations for international professionals and their friends and family.

Language Learning Platforms

From German lessons to cultural training to account opening, gafl: supports international professionals in integrating into the German-speaking region. They ensure individualized and needs-based assistance through personal mentors. 

Mastering a new language is crucial to land a job abroad. With Babbel, you can practice speaking, writing, and listening so you can speak with confidence. YWL! candidates get up to 55% OFF on select subscriptions.

Tailor-made German courses for individuals and companies. Vielfalt not only support people with a migration background in their integration, but also companies in supporting their employees individually.

Here you can find free online courses from the ÖIF for learning German at levels A1, A2, B1, and B2, as well as for professional purposes. You will learn about professions and practice vocabulary and grammar for work.

Translation Services

For certified, simple, and technical translation services, trust eTraduções to translate your documents quickly, economically, and securely.

Rapport International specializes in precise and culturally appropriate translation services. They use correct terminology to avoid liability, tailor their services to your needs, and deliver on time and within budget.

lingoking is the first translation delivery service from all over the world — officially recognised and approved for all target countries.

Flights & Travel Insurance

Delayed or cancelled flight? AirHelp assists travelers in claiming compensation for flight disruptions, ensuring that you receive the compensation for delays and cancellations.

Passagens Promo offers flight tickets with flexible payment options, allowing travelers to book their flights conveniently and affordably. Explore a wide range of destinations and secure your journey with ease.

Seguros Promo offers travel insurance solutions, providing peace of mind to Brazilian travelers heading to Europe with the best insurance options available.


Eurogate Immigration specializes in providing comprehensive immigration services, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for individuals seeking to relocate to Europe. 

Law firm that advises individuals and managers of small to medium-sized enterprises on key legal matters. They specialize in Austrian labor and residency law for international professionals.
Rechtsanwälte & Strafverteidiger

Career Support

Create a beautiful resume quickly with the help of artificial intelligence and our customizable templates. Impress your future employer with a perfect resume created in minutes.

The CIC is a full-service agency for international professionals and their families in Carinthia, offering support in the arrival process through consulting, guidance, and a comprehensive educational program.

Carinthian International Center
ATRACT recruits motivated professionals for Europe's tourism sector, fostering sustainable employment through coaching and training for companies and employees.
Expert in neuroscience, neurohacking, and biohacking, she helps leaders and CEOs optimize their mental, emotional, and physical health while enhancing their performance.

Insurance & Finances

Pronova BKK provides top-tier health insurance support, ensuring high-quality coverage, and offers complimentary health insurance for non-working family members relocating to Germany.
Wise makes it simple to manage your finances in different currencies. Send and receive money cheaper and easier than with traditional banks, using the real exchange rate and without hidden fees.
Taxefy streamlines the Austrian tax declaration process, saving you time and effort. It also offers professional assistance and a user-friendly platform available in multiple languages.
With MeiMarie, you can easily understand the instructions for employee tax assessment in Austria, receive crucial tax-saving advice to maximize your earnings and benefit from multilingual support.

Our Supporters

Austria Business Agency (ABA) offers free and first-class advice on all topics relating to the migration of skilled workers from abroad to Austria. 
Austria Business Agency
The Chamber of Commerce (WKO) supports companies abroad through foreign trade (Advantage Austria) in imparting knowledge and contacts to attract skilled workers.

The Paraná Austrian Association abroad, headed by Josef Kässmayer, supports our initiative and is a contact person for all of our candidates on site.

KSV1870 is a powerful representative for business people, it represents the interests of more than 33,000 voluntary members, providing the best quotas for creditors in insolvency proceedings.
The ÖIF supports skilled workers and their families in Austria with information, advice, networking and German learning opportunities. It also offers seminars on the recognition of qualifications and on various areas of life in cooperation with partner organizations.
Österreichische Integrationsfonds
As a voluntary and independent interest group, the ÖHV represents more than 1,700 top hotels in Austria for over 70 years, fighting at the forefront for their concerns, paving the way and creating framework conditions in which successful business is possible.
Österreichische Hoteliervereinigung